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What is TXVS?

5th-12th Grades

now enrolling grades 5th-12th for the 2020-2021 school year


High-Quality Curriculum

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Our Mission and Values

At TEXAS Virtual Schools, we are committed to providing parents and students choices to meet their individual needs and learn at their pace in their preferred learning environment through our full-time online public school eSchool Prep.

TEXAS Virtual Schools and its full-time online public school eSchool Prep, lays the foundation for each extraordinary individual to succeed in college, career and life by providing caring and supportive teachers who deliver high-quality, flexible and engaging learning for students and their families.

Our Style of Online Learning

Our 5th through 12th grade virtual education prepares your child to adapt and be ready for his or her future. Our virtual classrooms provide flexibility and opportunity to learn from highly qualified teachers using rigorous curriculum. Traditional brick-and-mortar schools simply don’t work for every student all the time. eSchool Prep provides a strong alternative that supports your student on their time and in their way.

Higher education online offerings are a mainstay for colleges and universities. In fact, 30% of higher education classes are now online. Additionally, technology-based careers are growing at an exponential pace.

Our Curriculum

eSchool Prep serves advanced learners who are seeking learning options outside of a traditional classroom. Their reasons vary. Some are pursuing a passion that requires extensive travel or long hours of practice such as athletes and performers. Others have extenuating circumstances such as being victims of bullying or having medical issues that make attending a traditional school impossible. And still others, such as children of those who are serving our country, may benefit from the flexibility and continuity eSchool Prep offers.

Our curriculum is geared toward the student who wants to be academically challenged and prepared for higher learning, with subjects such as world languages and advanced math and science. Our learning activities and mapped pathways are geared toward college preparation, so students are ready for their next educational challenge upon graduation.

Additionally, eSchool Prep Academic Teams actively participate in the development of curriculum to boost student engagement. With the team’s input, curriculum is tweaked to meet specific needs and give students a voice in the manner in which they learn best.