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Profile of an Online Learner

Will My Child be Successful Online? 

Any student that wants an alternative to a “brick-and-mortar” school can find success at eSchool Prep! We support and welcome aspiring college students, advanced learners, “tech-savvy” students, career-focused teens and passion-fueled children! All students looking for a change of pace will find an engaging learning experience at eSchool Prep. As educators, we believe that each child deserves to graduate on his or her terms and at his or her pace with the tools needed to excel in college, career and beyond.

Your child can be successful through virtual learning, and eSchool Prep will help them find that success!

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Who is Teaching My Child?

Our teachers are Texas state-certified and have experience supporting all learners. We hire only the best online teachers, and we use your regular feedback to make sure we are adapting to support your needs. But not every teacher is successful as a virtual teacher. We make sure TEXAS Virtual Schools teachers support our virtual students utilizing innovative tools to help students transition from brick-and-mortar classrooms to a successful online learning experience. Our teachers also have access to a range of engaging curriculum tools such as discussion boards, online video presentations and more to help engage your student and improve their educational experience.

Additionally, Student Success Counselors (SSC) proactively foster a sense of belonging, motivation and confidence among our students. SSCs meet with your student throughout enrollment, guide him or her through orientation and work to create structure in a new, independent environment. SSCs also address all concerns, from struggling time management skills to technical difficulties.