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Our Promise




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Commitment to Student Success

Like many traditional brick-and-mortar schools, most online schools are “one size fits all.” That is why we built our school to be unique and individualized! We know that each student is unique and needs personalized attention to be successful. We built a Texas virtual school with a commitment to delivering a customized educational experience to each and every student.

Success Strategies

Enrollment → Orientation → Online Education → Graduation

From enrollment through graduation, eSchool Prep is there for your child to create seamless transitions. Our academic programs are modeled as “education with destination,“ which means that our curriculum can be adjusted to meet the unique skills, values and interests of your child. For example, our unique three-week enrollment process was built to assure a smooth transition for your student and your family. Once your student gets started, our expert academic teams will use multiple data points and metrics to track your child’s progress. Working closely with you, the parent, your child will have an individualized support system that meets their individual needs and supports their future goals.

As graduation nears, your student’s learning team will foster his or her future plans through mock interviews, career and college planning, workshops, resume writing and review and more. The bottom line is, we want your child to find lifelong success after graduation!