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Eligibility Requirements

Student eligibility requirements are determined by Texas state laws, the Texas Education Agency and TEXAS Virtual Schools. Before enrolling, review the following eligibility requirements carefully to determine whether your student(s) is eligible to participate in this program.

Proof of Residency

You must reside within the state of Texas and provide one of the following documents as proof of residency to be eligible for enrollment.

  • Gas, electric or water bill from the last 60 days that includes your name and service address
  • Mortgage statement from the last 60 days or annual lease agreement
  • Appraisal district tax form with current address

Prior Public School

A student is eligible to enroll full-time in online Texas online schools if the student:

  • Was enrolled in a public school in this state in the preceding school year;
  • Has been placed in substitute care in Texas, regardless of whether the student was enrolled in a public school in this state in the preceding school year; or
  • Is a dependent of a member of the United States military, was previously enrolled in high school in this state; and no longer resides in this state as a result of a military deployment or transfer.

Grade Limitations

To participate in TEXAS Virtual Schools, students must be able to perform at grades 5-12 in Texas public school curriculum.


All students must provide evidence of their immunizations on either a state of Texas official immunization form, an official school record, a healthcare provider or Health Department printout or an immunization booklet with all doses stamped or signed. These forms must be stamped or signed by a health care provider. Texas allows for medical, personal or religious exemptions. Medical exemptions must be signed by a health care provider. Parents seeking exemption from immunizations for personal or religious reasons must request a vaccine exemption affidavit form in writing by mail, fax (512-458-7544) or via a secure online request form from the Department of State Health Services, Immunization Branch. To review the required immunizations by Texas Health and Human Services, visit here.

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Other Documentation

You may need to provide additional documentation if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • Custody order: If your legal guardianship is determined by a court order, please submit a copy of the order.
  • Gifted evaluation: If you are requesting enrollment in a course that is ahead of or behind your student’s age-based grade level or you are requesting placement in a Gifted course, an Academic Services Counselor will contact you to request a report card, Prior Academic History Form, and/or state test scores.
  • IEP or 504 plan: If your student has an IEP or a 504 plan, please provide the most recent ARD or 504 plan for appropriate placement and transfer scheduling.

You will submit all documentation during the enrollment process.

Proof of Age

A copy of the student’s official birth certificate must be provided to verify age eligibility up to age 21. To avoid unnecessary delays, provide a copy of the birth certificate along with your enrollment documents.

Previous Report Card or Transcript

You may be asked to submit the most recent report cards and/or transcript in order to appropriately place student in courses and grade levels.

Caretaker Proof of Identity

A copy of the enrolling parent/guardian’s government issued photo identification card which includes the parent/guardian’s name and date of birth (e.g. driver’s license, state ID) must be submitted along with your enrollment documents.